Man With Lantern Smoking Man Incense Burner

Man With Lantern Smoking Man Incense Burner


Material: wood

Dimensions: height approx. 19cm, width approx. 10cm, depth approx. 9cm

Enjoy the most beautiful time of the year and let yourself be enchanted by the special flair of this smoker!
When aromatic scents fill the room at Christmas time, it is often thanks to a smoking figure.

An incense candle is placed on the lower part of the two-part wooden figure. The smoke collects inside and then flows out through the mouth hole and spreads its delicious scent.
This lovingly handcrafted item contains many filigree details.
The traditional shape of the body shows the perfection of craftsmanship, which is unmistakable through the high quality of this unique craftsmanship.

Also a nice gift or souvenir with lasting value, which will bring joy even after years